My Playlist

This is a list of music pieces by category, that I have been playing in different venues and settings. More will be added as I receive more requests to perform music that is not on my list yet.


European music composed from about 1750 to 1830 that features balance, elegance, and homophonic textures

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Catchy, upbeat, contemporary, commercial, danceable, synth-driven and chart-topping popular culture music

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Developed especially from ragtime & blues & characterized by propulsive syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing & improvisation

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Light, calm background music that creates the right relaxed atmosphere in restaurants, fitness clubs, boutiques, hotel lobbies & at various events

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Ballads & dance tunes (aka: honky-tonk music) with simple form, folk lyrics & harmonies generally accompanied by instruments such as banjos, fiddles, harmonicas & many types of guitar

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